Planet Webquest

A Webquest for Third Grade







Based on a webquest designed by Rita Gunning and Wendy Thomson




You are an astronaut on a mission to another planet in our solar system.  You will join a crew to voyage to your planet.  After exploring your planet you will create a presentation for Mission Control on Earth to share what you have learned about your planet.  Good luck with your mission!


You and your team will need to complete the following tasks to complete your mission:

Pre-flight requirements:


   Select a destination (planet)

   Name your mission and design a crew patch



Planet exploration:


   Use the internet to collect data about your planet

   Use the data collection sheets to record what you find

   Record the websites you collect information from on your resources page



Report to Mission Control:


   Design a PowerPoint presentation for Mission Control to present your findings

   Give an oral presentation to the class


Step 1:

   * Mission Control will assign you to a crew.

     *  Choose a planet.

   * Create a name for your mission.

   * Design a patch for your mission.  Click on the following link for directions on Creating a Crew Patch.


Step 2:

   * Print out the data collection sheets.

   * Decide which data sheet each team member will be completing

   * You are now ready to start collecting data.  Remember to make notes and not copy everything you read!

Step 3:

   * Begin researching your planet by clicking on the links in the Resources section.

   * Read the pages you visit and write down the answers to the questions on your data collection sheet.

   * Decide if there is any new information that should be added to your report.

Step 4:

   * Now that you have all of your information, put your notes into complete sentences on the final facts paper. 

   * Check your sentences for correct conventions.

Step 5:

   * With your crew you will create a PowerPoint presentation. 

   * The crew will work together on the introduction and summary slides and each team member will create a slide about their research. 

   * Use the scoring guide on this webquest to help you complete your PowerPoint.

Step 6:

   * Give an oral presentation to your class on your planet.

   * Use a clear, loud voice and make eye contact with your audience.


Click on the following links to find links to information to complete your data sheets.

How long would it take?


Clip Art from the following sites: